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Personalized Healthcare in the Age of Simulation

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in developed nations and imposes a high socioeconomic cost. In 2014, Dassault Systemes launched the Living Heart Project to harness the power of realistic simulation to tackle the problem of cardiovascular disease. The cornerstone of the project is the Living Heart Model (LHM), an anatomically and physiologically realistic model of a human heart that can be used for in silico diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. This model is now available on the cloud and is delivering the power of multiphysics-multiscale simulation to medical device makers, pharma companies, and clinicians, and in doing so, democratizing simulation and making personalized healthcare a reality.

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Authord'Souza. K
AudiencesAnalyst Developer Manager
TypeMagazine Article
Date 1st January 2018
OrganisationDassault Systèmes


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