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Benchmark January 2019 - IoT (It's only Technology)

The password to access the January 2019 issue of benchmark can be obtained from the member download button.

Internet Of Things - Believe the Hype?

In this issue of benchmark we have focussed on the “Internet of Things”, a key enabler for the Digital Twin concept discussed in the April 2018 issue. There is a lot of buzz around the IoT concept and as we have done with the other issues in this series we will unpack this term and look at the relevance this technology has for the simulation community.

This is the fourth in the “Digital Hype” series and it is worth taking a minute to consider why we have been exploring a range of digital engineering concepts. Firstly, the hype is real. Figure 1 shows the growth in interest in these digital topics using the google trends service [1]. This shows the growth or decline in a particular search term over a defined period and region. Even if you don’t immediately see the relevance of these digital engineering concepts to your work, at the very least we have given you some fuel for conversation at your next dinner party. Secondly, the real applications of the IoT surround us; be it utilising real-time traffic data to find the quickest way home or giving you confidence that your home/kids/dog are safe, secure and where you last left them. This technology has rapidly evolved and due to the proliferation of smartphones almost all of us are active participants in the IoT.

As the tagline for this issue states “It’s Only Technology”. The task that interests our community is how to exploit the capabilities this technology provides for a competitive advantage.

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Date 1st January 2019


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