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Stochastic Challenge Problems - A Summary

Two challenge problems were presented in the April 2019 issue of Benchmark.The first one consisted of two normal distributions shown in Figure 1 and has ananalytical (theoretical) solution. The second one contained several distribution types (normal, uniform and lognormal) shown in Figure 2, therefore an analytical solution is not available.

For more details regarding these challenge problems please refer to the NAFEMS resource centre where the article describing the challenge problem is available as a free download [2]. These problems were discussed briefly at the NAFEMS World Congress 2019 in Quebec, where selected solutions were also presented. These solutions, as well as some others, are covered in this article, alongside some analysis of the observations. More detailed discussions around these challenges will take place at the NAFEMS Regional Conferences this year (

Document Details

AuthorStochastic Working Group
AudiencesAnalyst Student Educator
TypeMagazine Article
Date 16th January 2020


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