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The Simulation Data Management Solution Selection Process

This article is an extract of the upcoming NAFEMS publication “How to Get Started With Simulation Data Management” by Mark Norris and focuses on what to consider when selecting a Simulation Data Management Software Vendor.

Simulation Data Management (SDM) is a software solution which enables analysts to find information, run applications, store results and hence answer the perennial question“Show me how these results were obtained?”. It replaces manual record keeping in notebooks and file storage on shared drives with structured digital records in a secure,searchable repository. Successful adopters of SDM have reported substantial gains in engineering throughput through the elimination of laborious, non-value-added data management tasks, increased reuse of data and knowledge as well as the progressive automation of repetitive tasks.

SDM is still an emerging domain with proposed solutions of widely varying capability and maturity. Solution selection needs to focus on capabilities, ergonomics, ease of customisation and on openness to manage the wide variety of simulation software found in most organisations.

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AuthorNorris. M
TypeMagazine Article
Date 14th July 2020


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