NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge October 2014

30 years ago NAFEMS started life as the National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards. One of the organisation’s initial aims was to design a series of benchmarks that could be used to determine the accuracy of an analysis code. Guidelines on what makes a suitable benchmark can be found in many of our early publications. One of the guiding principles behind the benchmarks that readers may not be aware of is that: “The benchmark should have some educational merit”. Education and best practise are still at the heart of NAFEMS activities and it is with this spirit and a hint of fun that we would like to introduce the Benchmark Challenge Problem series and Angus Ramsay, who will be acting as Independent Technical Editor. Angus will be posing a series of challenge problems that will be hosted on our website at You can view the first in the series there now - We recommend that readers check the challenge problem website regularly, as Angus will be posting hints and tips relating to the challenge problem. NAFEMS invite readers to send their responses to

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AuthorRamsay. A
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TypeMagazine Article
Date 1st October 2014
OrganisationRamsay Maunder Associates


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