Simulations in the Die Casting Manufacturing Process

Die casting manufacturing is a low cost high efficiency manufacturing technology for mass-production of light metal components, such as those widely used in automotive, aerospace and white goods industrial sectors. It uses high pressure to inject molten metal such as aluminium and magnesium into a steel mould cavity under high velocity. The process contains many complicated physical phenomena under high pressure, high temperature and high speed, which cause difficulties for manufacturing engineers to control the quality of die casting parts. So, it is also a '“defect-prone'” manufacturing process. Due to its mass production feature, any defect can result in a large financial loss. In order to master this efficient but '“defect-prone'” manufacturing process engineers use simulation tools to design the die casting part and its manufacturing process.

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AuthorHuang. C
TypeMagazine Article
Date 1st October 2016
OrganisationExco Engineering


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