Interactive Modelling and Simulation for Virtual Engineering Design and Analysis

Engineering simulation is an essential tool for design and analysis. Typically, its emphasis is on achieving a high-fidelity representation of reality and hence,the resources required in terms of time, money, skill, training and power consumption, are not insignificant. However, over recent years, we have seen huge advances in low-power computing hardware and intuitive user-interfaces (UIs) with technology such as smartphones, tablets and virtual reality both available and affordable to the everyday consumer. It has made me question whether there is a place in engineering simulation for this technology and, if so, whether it can offer some form of transformative power to allow simulation to be used in new and exciting ways.

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AuthorHarwood. A
AudiencesAnalyst Developer
TypeMagazine Article
Date 1st October 2018
OrganisationThe University of Manchester


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