A Brief History of MSC and NASTRAN: Birth, Growth, Success, Stagnation, and Re-Birth

MSC’s 55-year history has been fascinating, exciting, and disappointing,all at the same time. This article attempts to highlight all those facetsfrom the personal viewpoint of someone who was a part of it for 12 years (1985-97) and has followed MSC’s course closely since then. Like the famous cartoon of 5 blind men trying to describe an elephant from where they are touching it, this overview is a mixture of facts and personal opinions and I encourage any reader to contact me at dennis.nagy@beyondcae.com with comments, more detailed back-stories, or different viewpoints.

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AuthorNagy. D
AudiencesAnalyst Developer Educator Student
TypeMagazine Article
Date 1st October 2018


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