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Software-Applikation zur vollautomatischen Finite Elemente Berechnung von Frakturplatten

This presentation was made by P. Leitner, M. Steinbatz, D. Stadlmayr, W. Holler, M. Metzger at the German-speaking NAFEMS 2016 German speaking conference held in Bamburg Germany on the 25th to the 27th of April 2016. 

The event focused on “calculation and simulation – applications, developments and trends”. 

The 3rd German-language NAFEMS Regional Conference offers you a unique, independent, neutral, comprehensive and comprehensive range of information on numerical simulation methods.

Document Details

AuthorsLeitner. P Steinbatz. M Stadlmayr. D Holler. W Metzger. M
Date 27th April 2016
OrganisationsFH Upper Austria CADS Medical


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