Advanced Results Compression Combined with a Sophisticated and Out-of-the-Box Simulation Data Management System: A Case Implemented at Honda

This presentation was made at CAASE18, The Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering. CAASE18 brought together the leading visionaries, developers, and practitioners of CAE-related technologies in an open forum, to share experiences, discuss relevant trends, discover common themes, and explore future issues.

Resource Abstract

The automation in post processing has shifted the weight away from interactively examining the simulation results. In the simplest of the cases, the original solver files are replaced by post processing software native databases with targeted results, whereas in the most complicated cases a series of report data are stored in data management systems.

This paper presents a solution in the field of results compression and simulation data management. The compression capabilities of the post processor META's native database, especially designed for results comming from simulation, exceeds by far the conventional compression solutions. This leads to significant benefits regarding the storage size and loading, or the downloading time from the server. The tool offers full control of the data stored and advanced parameterization per model/component/part and per result. The model simplification techniques produce 3d databases with a satisfactory representation of the results field in the size reduced to the hundredth compared to the original ones.
In a further step, the functionality can be effectively combined with the results data management system of BETA CAE systems' software suite. In this presentation, Honda Japan successfully deploys this data management system for NVH results. The compressed databases with 3d and 2d results can be automatically generated after each run is finished keeping the version and the other meta-data related to the simulation models. The results from such databases can then be used both for brief overview presentations and for interactive in-depth analysis using available predefined layouts.

In a future step, the employment of the simplified model 3d database can yield noticeable benefits at a negligible additional cost. The simplified database can be loaded in minimum times for an initial results check with the option to interchange between the simplified and the original representation on component/part level on the fly and only where needed.

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AuthorPerifanis. A
Date 6th June 2018
OrganisationBETA CAE Systems SA


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