ASSESS Initiative: Collaborating with NAFEMS to Enable the Simulation Revolution

This presentation was made at CAASE18, The Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering. CAASE18 brought together the leading visionaries, developers, and practitioners of CAE-related technologies in an open forum, to share experiences, discuss relevant trends, discover common themes, and explore future issues.

Resource Abstract

These Workshop will outline the need for a Simulation Revolution and how NAFEMS and the ASSESS Initiative are collaborating to Enable a significant increase in usage and benefit of Engineering Simulation software.

The following topics will be discussed:
• The need for a Simulation Revolution
• ASSESS Initiative Background
• ASSESS / NAFEMS Collaboration
• ASSESS Theme related update & plans
o Alignment of Commercial, Research and Government Efforts (Align)
o Business Challenges (Business)
o Democratization of Engineering Simulation (DoES)
o Engineering Simulation Credibility (Credibility)
o Generative Design (Generative)
o Integration of Systems and Detailed Sub-System Simulations (Systems)
• ASSESS Initiative Membership Program
• ASSESS 2018 Congress

This could be 1 or 2 Workshop sessions. If it is a single workshop we can focus on highlights of each area. Making this 2 workshop sessions would allow for diving deeper into each of the ASSESS Themes and how they dovetail into NAFEMS activities and CAASE18 themes along with an opportunity for an extended Q&A.

The changing role of Engineering Simulation* is really about business benefits. However, achieving those benefits and associated growth of the Engineering Simulation market is tempered due to the lack of expertise available. A simulation revolution needs to occur bring a whole new set of opportunities and challenges.

The ASSESS Initiative is a broad reaching multi-industry initiative with a primary goal to facilitate a revolution of enablement that will vastly increase the availability and utility of Engineering Simulation, leading to significantly increased usage and business benefits across the full spectrum of industries, applications and users. The vision of the ASSESS Initiative is to bring together key players for guiding and influencing the software tool strategies for performing model-based analysis, simulation, and systems engineering. To achieve this vision the ASSESS Initiative will collaborate with multiple activities and organizations across the complete spectrum of Engineering Simulation.

Business drivers are forcing a “simulation revolution” to overcome the expertise based limitations which are restricting the expansion of Engineering Simulation applications.

Increase Innovation
Increase Performance
Improve Quality/Risk Management
Reduce Time
Reduce Cost

Engineering Simulation is a major key to all 5 business drivers in providing better understanding of product and process behavior, variability and risk.

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AuthorWalsh. J
Date 5th June 2018
OrganisationintrinSIM LLC


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