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International Journal of CFD Case Studies - Volume 2


The computation of axi-symmetricrotor-stator flows related to cooling passages of electrical generators
H. Iacovides,M. A. Leschziner and H-Y Li

CFD validation of incompressiblecross-flow discharge coefficients
Q. G.Rayer
Fluent validation for incompressibleflow through a 0.5 aspect ratio orifice and compressible flow through a sharpedged slit
Q. G.Rayer and G. D. Snowsill
Numerical study on design parameters ofa channel with offset plates heated by radiation, based on maximum forcedconvection heat transfer coefficient and minimum friction factor
A. H. H.Ali
Prediction of transient and steady flowin an electronic/mechanical system
Z. Panand P. G. Tucker

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AuthorGreen. A
Date 1st February 2000


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