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Developing Efficient Structural Concepts for the Future of Mobility


We are in the middle of a metamorphosis of the automotive & aerospace industries. Both these industries are being challenged and pushed towards redefinition, to not only reduce the carbon footprint of their products but also to redefine the role of driver/pilot, who can either sit and relax or drive or fly.

At this moment, there are close to 189 eVTOLs in different phases of development. Air mobility demand is due to grow significantly to 5.8 million flying hours by 2035. 450 EV models with varying levels of driver assistance will hit the road by 2025. EV sales are going to grow from 4 million in 2020 to 21 million in 2030.

All of this is happening at a frenetic pace, and the product development timeline is shrinking fast. Go-To-Market timelines for Automotive OEMs have been reduced by 71%. Reduction of the product development timeline is putting tremendous pressure on the engineering teams at OEMs and innovative Startups, to convert their current ideas to vehicle programs, in a very short time frame.

We would like to invite the NAFEMS audience to discuss with our panelists from industry, academia and research on the following topics:

  • Challenges related to engineering processes in the Conceptual Development Phase
  • Evolution of engineering teams to support the Conceptual Development Phase


  • Brief welcome from NAFEMS
    Roger Oswald
  • Panel discussion:
    Led by Anup & Prabu, or Prof Duddeck
  1. Anup Iti; Industry Process Consultant Senior Manager, Dassault Systèmes
  2. Prabhu Manohar; Director, CATIA Mechanical Industry Process Success, Dassault Systèmes
  3. Dr. Simon XU; Engineering Group Manager, General Motors Technical Center
  4. Dr. Tayeb ZEGUE; Technical Specialist Leader, Jaguar Landrover
  5. Jean BOTTI; CEO, CTO & Co-Founder, VoltAero SA
  6. Dr. Gerardo OLIVARE; Director for Crashworthiness and the AVET Laboratories, National Institute for Aviation Research
  • Q&A session with the audience
    Led by Roger Oswald

Document Details

AuthorsIti. A Prabhu. M Xu. S Zegue. T Botti. J Olivare. G
TypePresentation Recording
Date 14th October 2022
OrganisationsDassault Systèmes GM Jaguar Land Rover VoltAero SA National Institute for Aviation Research


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