Improving the Impact of Engineering Simulation

Virtual Engineering is routinely used as a key tool in the development, optimisation, and verification of products alongside design guidelines and prototypes testing.

For a considerable part of the process the only available assessments originate from simulations, engineers must therefore ensure the virtual results are not only delivered but also effectively used.

This includes meeting several criteria such as timing, accuracy, robustness, limitations and suggestions appropriate to the project stage. Setting the quality requirements in this loop has been a common responsibility for the simulation specialists and the consumers of simulation results.Now virtual engineering is becoming more accessible so engineers can design to meet performance, cost and feasibility.

Getting all this right is crucial to ensuring Engineering Analysis has the desired impact on product development. In this seminar speakers gave their experience of ensuring that the effective use of Engineering Analysis has led to substantive improvements in the product development process.

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AuthorNAFEMS UK Steering Committee
AudiencesAnalyst Developer Manager
TypeEvent Proceedings
Date 25th January 2018
OrganisationNAFEMS UK Steering Committee


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