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Generation and Propagation of Sound in Solids and Fluids - Modern Analysis Methods in Acoustics

For many products, comfort properties, and thus also the subject of acoustics and vibrations (body sound), are becoming increasingly important. What used to be a secondary feature is today considered to be an essential product feature, which decides on the market success. On the other hand, more and more people suffer from high noise pollution. Stricter regulations lead to product-side changes.

The development scenario in the area of ​​acoustics has so far been relatively late in the product development process. The improvement potential of acoustic and vibrational properties was thereby relatively strongly limited by the factor cost as well as the factor time. By modern, CAE-based simulation methods the development access has been significantly changed in recent years. On the one hand, due to advances in hardware and software systems, acoustics and vibration calculations for simulating the air and body pulse propagation can already be carried out in the early phase of concept studies and on virtual prototypes. On the other hand, development processes were also implemented in order to reflect the importance of comfort properties in the product development process.

The issue of noise emission was characterized in the past by the paradigm "quieter = better", which would not emit any noise at all, but the trend towards hybrid and electric vehicles shows that it can also become too quiet Also with the theme of sound design, which increases the value of products and thus creates a differentiator for the competition.

The seminar, with contributions from research, industrial application and software developments, provides an overview of current methods and procedures for optimal interpretation in terms of acoustic and vibration characteristics. The aim is to discuss the current state of technology and trends and to promote an open dialogue between users, researchers and solution providers.

Document Details

AuthorSvobodnik. A
TypeEvent Proceedings
Date 6th November 2012
OrganisationNAFEMS DACH Steering Committee


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