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CFD Methods for the Simulation of Heat Transfer


CFD Methods for the Simulation of Heat Transfer

22 - 23 November 2017 Neuendettelsau, Germany

ISBN 978-1-910643-10-5
Technical management of this seminar: NAFEMS DACH Steering Committee, NAFEMS DACH CFD Advisory Board (CAB)


Calculation of Air Temperatures in the Engine Compartment of a Vehicle
D. Bäder (Audi); A. Kospach, A. Domaingo
(Kompetenzzentrum – Das virtuelle Fahrzeug, Forschungsgesellschaft)

Efficient Numerical Simulation for Surface Structure Design in Complex Heat Exchangers
J. Turnow (Universität Rostock/Silentdynamics); N. Kornev (Universität Rostock)

Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis of Oil-Free Compressors
A. Leberfinger, M. Schmid, A. Kuhn, D. Solo (Knorr-Bremse)

Virtual Lay Out and Optimization of Complex 3D Heat Exchangers
G. C. Hartmann (Magma)

Coupled Thermal Simulations for Industrial Development
C. Brodbeck (Fraunhofer SCAI)

Quench Simulation: Cooling Process of Hot Flue Gases by Evaporating Water Droplets
U. Heck, M. Becker (DHCAE Tools)

Designing Innovative Cooling Solutions for High Power Modules using CFD
K. Olesen (Danfoss Silicon Power); M. Gruetzmacher (Mentor Graphics (Deutschland))

Adjustment of 1D Component Models in the Electric Powertrain using 3D CFD Simulation – Applications for the Simulation of Transient Drive Cycles
C. Rathberger (Engineering Center Steyr, Magna)

CFD-Simulation of Heat Transfer in Power Electronic Devices
B. Heller (ISKO engineers)

Enhancing CFD Workflows for Heat Transfer Analysis
H. Kröger (Silentdynamics); N. Kornev (Universität Rostock)

Improved Modeling of Wall Shear Stress and Heat Flux for Highly Viscous Oils
M. Schenker (TU Berlin); A. Spille-Kohoff (CFX Berlin Software)

Simulation of Heat Transfer during the Cure of CFRP-Parts in the Autoclave
T. Frerich (Faserinstitut Bremen)

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TypeEvent Proceedings
Date 22nd November 2017


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