From Design /Concept To Virtual Reality - Virtual Hot Forming Engineering Illustrated

This paper was authored by J-L. Babeau, B. Dahmena, M. Holecek, M. Hoss, D. Lorenz, H. Porzner, Y. Vincent, M. Vrolijk, J. Friberg, C. Koroschetz, M. Skrikerud in support of their presentation at the 2015 NAFEMS World Congress that was held in San Diego, USA on 21-24th June 2015.

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AuthorsBabeau. J Dahmena. B Holecek. M Hoss. M Lorenz. D Porzner. H Vincent. Y Vrolijk. M Friberg. J Koroschetz. C Skrikerud. M
Date 21st June 2015
OrganisationsESI GROUP AP&T


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