Modeling Thermal-Fluid-Structure Interaction for Leakage Prediction in Diesel Engine Fuel Pumps

This presentation was made at the 2019 NAFEMS World Congress in Quebec Canada

Resource Abstract

Fuel system delivery pressure has been constantly increasing to improve spray and combustion characteristics in diesel engines. The increased pressure causes significant fuel leakage through the micron level clearance in fuel pumps and injectors. This paper talks about the need to use a detailed Fluid-Structure interaction model (FSI) to accurately predict the leakage rates in Fuel Pumps/Injector. ANSYS System Coupling platform is used to capture the FSI effects. Validation has been presented on a simplified geometry of a fuel pump. Predicted leakages rates compare well with the available experimental data. The approach developed is extended to a real-life complex model Injector. The Predicted thermo-mechanical deformations and leakage rates confirm the need to do thermal FSI analysis for accurate leakage prediction of Fuel pumps/injectors.

Document Details

AuthorWolfe. C
Date 18th June 2019
OrganisationANSYS, Inc.


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