Isogeometric Analysis for More Accurate Simulation

This paper was produced for the 2019 NAFEMS World Congress in Quebec Canada

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In contrast to the laborious and error-prone process of translating computer-aided design (CAD) into computer-aided engineering (CAE) models, isogeometric analysis (IGA) performs finite element analysis (FEA) simulations directly on smooth CAD geometry, using smooth spline basis functions, instead of on a faceted mesh. The idea of IGA was first introduced over 12 years ago by Dr. Thomas J.R. Hughes, and is now among the most active academic fields of FEA, with over 2000 papers published. There are multiple IGA-specific conferences held annually, and recently the founder and president of a prominent FEA company publicly remarked at a user conference that he considered that IGA would eventually replace FEA.

The reason that IGA is generating such interest is that it consistently performs faster and more accurately than FEA, and is more robust. These benefits are especially pronounced when running simulations where high accuracy in the shape description is of value, such as contact or fatigue simulations. In sharp contrast to other new simulation methods being introduced today, IGA promises more accuracy, not less, while providing new opportunities for higher efficiency.

This presentation will introduce business and technical motivations for IGA. Key motivating academic and commercial results will be shared, as well as detailed considerations regarding best practices to generate optimal CAD geometry for use directly in simulation. Various possibilities of how to integrate IGA into commercial processes will be introduced, as well as a survey of how a number of commercial vendors and users are beginning to use IGA as a simulation tool.

Attendees at this presentation will come away with an understanding of what IGA is and an appreciation of the fundamental improvement it might make to the simulation industry. They will also understand the current maturity of the technology and how they are able to access the technology today.

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AuthorSederberg. M
Date 18th June 2019
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