A Benchmark Example for Delamination Growth Predictions Based on the Single Leg Bending Specimen Under Fatigue Loading

This paper was produced for the 2019 NAFEMS World Congress in Quebec Canada

Resource Abstract

Analysis benchmarking is used to evaluate new algorithms for automated VCCT-based delamination growth analysis. First, existing benchmark cases based on the Single Leg Bending (SLB) specimen for crack propagation prediction under quasi-static loading are summarized. Second, the development of new SLB-based benchmark cases to assess the static and fatigue growth prediction capabilities under mixed-mode I/II conditions is discussed in detail. Additionally, a scheme is proposed to interpolate between known fatigue delamination growth rates to obtain values for mixed-mode ratios for which data has not been defined in the input. Further, a comparison is presented, in which the benchmark cases are used to assess new analysis tools in ABAQUS/Standard FD03. These recently implemented tools yield results that are in good agreement with the benchmark examples. The ability to assess the implementation of new methods in one finite element code illustrates the value of establishing benchmark solutions.

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AuthorKrueger. R
Date 18th June 2019
OrganisationNational Institute of Aerospace


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