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Engineering Simulation - Quality Management Systems - Requirements

This document has been superceded by the "Engineering Simulation Quality Management Standard"


This Quality System Supplement (QSS) relates to ISO 9001 for quality management of engineering simulation used in the design and integrity demonstration of engineering applications. The purpose of this QSS is to interpret the requirements of ISO 9001 in the particular context of engineering simulation. The paragraph numbering of ISO 9001 is retained in this QSS.


This document is the Quality System Supplement (QSS) NAFEMS QSS:2015 ‘Engineering simulation – Quality management systems – Requirements’. This edition of NAFEMS QSS:2015 came into effect on 27th October 2016 and cancelled and replaced its predecessor, NAFEMS QSS:2008, which was simultaneously withdrawn.Users are responsible for the correct application of this Quality System Supplement. Conformance to this document does not confer immunity from legal obligations. This QSS was produced by NAFEMS in consultation with Safety and Quality Assurance Bodies. NAFEMS would like to thank ISO for their permission to reproduce ISO 9001 clauses within this document.

Revision notice

This NAFEMS Quality System Supplement (NAFEMS QSS:2015) was prepared under the direction of the NAFEMS Analysis Management Working Group. Its revision history is:

  • QSS Rev. 1.1 (aligned with ISO 9001:1987) released by G. Leckie on 14 August 1989.
  • QSS Rev. 1.2 (aligned with ISO 9001:1987) released by J. Barlow on 31 December 1990.
  • QSS Rev. 1.3 (aligned with ISO 9001:1987) released by R. Tyrrell on 2 July 1993.
  • QSS Rev. 2.0 (aligned with ISO 9001:1994) released by J. M. Smith on 25 March 1999.
  • QSS 001:2007 (aligned with ISO 9001:2000) released by C. Rogers on 1 August 2007.
  • QSS:2008 (aligned with ISO 9001:2008) released by C. Rogers on 8 June 2014.
  • QSS:2015 (aligned with ISO 9001:2015) released by C. Rogers on 27 October 2016.

Document Details

AuthorSmith. J
Date 27th October 2017
OrganisationNAFEMS AMWG


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