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2D Test Cases In Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics

This report describes finite element work on the development of 2-D test cases for linear elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM) benchmarks. The emphasis is on the mathematical and numerical correctness of solutions rather than the comparison of various element formulations. Therefore the test cases employ representative element types available in most finite element systems. The work includes well corroborated target solutions for all test cases and comparisons are made in relative terms to the referenced solutions.



Parameter Evaluation Methods

  • Virtual Crack Extension Method
  • Displacement Substitution Method
  • Stress Substitution Method
  • Modified Crack Closure Work Method
  • Closed-form Displacement Method
  • Line Contour, J-Integral Method

Test Cases

  • Centre Cracked Plate in Tension
  • Centre Cracked Plate with Quadratic Temperature Distribution
  • Single Edge Cracked Plate in Tension
  • Angle Crack Embedded in a Plate
  • Cracks at a Hole in a Plate
  • Axi-symmetric Crack in a Bar
  • Compact Tension Specimen
  • Weld Attachment. T-Joint: Uniform Tension in Main Plate
  • Weld Attachment. T-Joint: Uniform Tension in Attachment Plate
  • V-notch Specimen in Tension



Document Details

AuthorsPang. H Leggatt. R
AudiencesAnalyst Developer
Date 1st January 1992


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