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GEM - Specification of Demonstration Problems

This document describes example problems for Generic Engineering analysis Model (GEM), which are compiled from project partners. These examples are considered by the partners for their own application of GEM, and are foreseen as (internal) validation samples at their site during the GEM development processes.

The examples of the two industrial partners, RC Fiat and Dornier, are selected as (external) GEM demonstrators, and are therefore described in detail.


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Summary of Submitted Application Examples

Description of Submitted Application Examples

  • Example Defined by GFS
  • Example Defined by FRAMASOFT+CSI
  • Example Defined by DIODORE
  • Example Defined by DIODORE
  • Example Defined by TNO
  • Example Defined by FEGS
  • Example Defined by CENTRO RICERCHE FIAT
  • Example Defined by DORNIER
  • Specification of the 2 Selected GEM Demonstration Problems
  • The CR Fiat Demonstrator
  • The DORNIER Demonstrator
  • References

Document Details

AuthorZilly. F
AudiencesAnalyst Developer
Date 1st January 1995


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