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Background to Material Non-Linear Benchmarks

This report aims to provide an understanding of nonlinear Finite Element analysis of problems in which the material behaviour is assumed nonlinear, by using suitable nonlinear benchmarks.

Two types of material nonlinearities are covered, plasticity as a time-independent material behaviour, and creep as a time-dependent material behaviour. An introduction to the fundamental theory of plasticity and creep and an overview of Finite Element nonlinear algorithms are presented in order to provide an insight into how Finite Element algorithms deal with material nonlinearities, and to highlight difficulties that may be encountered in practice. 

Specially ‘selected sets of benchmark tests for material nonlinearities are presented in detail to enable. the reader to run the tests to gain an understanding of nonlinear material behaviour.

Document Details

AuthorBecker. A
AudiencesAnalyst Student
Date 1st January 1998


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