NAFEMS World Congress 2015 - Congress Review

From the 21st to 24th of June 2015, San Diego played host to the engineering analysis and simulation community, as we gathered for a packed agenda of presentations, workshops, training courses, and, of course, social events.Almost 600 attendees and more than 300 presentations meant that this was always going to be one of the most technically rewarding and varied events dedicated to analysis and simulation so far. From the ground-breaking technologies at work in the BMW i8, to the challenges in space vehicle development and everything in between, this was an outstanding event whatever way you look at it.But not everyone can attend, for one reason or another. And that’s where this review comes in. It would of course be impossible to cover every session and presentation in one publication, but what we have tried to do here is to give a flavour of some of the sessions, an insight into the keynote presentations, and the opinions of some of our working groups on the event. We have also asked several acknowledged experts in various fields to give their views and opinions on some of the sessions they managed to attend over the course of the Congress. Some of these opinions vary, and some may outright contradict each other, but that’s the beauty of an event like this – everyone involved comes away with something different.A guide to our various Technical Working Groups and Steering Committees can also be found at the rear of this publication, which will help the reader to resolve the acronyms that are used throughout. Much of the material that was presented at the Congress, including presentations and technical papers, is available on our website and can be accessed by NAFEMS members. We hope that this overview publication will motivate you to take a look at these resources.We are the engineering modelling, analysis and simulation community – NAFEMS is proud to serve as your international association. We look forward to seeing you at the NWC 2017 in Europe.

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AuthorSymington. I
AudiencesAnalyst Manager
Date 1st May 2016


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