NAFEMS Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE) Program - How is it Being Utilized by Industry?

Presentation made by I. Symington at the NAFEMS Americas Seminar "Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the O&G Industry - Emerging Standards & Practices" that was held in Houston, TX on the 7th of April 2016.

Seminar Description

The oil & gas industry faces a myriad of challenges, including the operation of production equipment in the most extreme environments with no room for error, as well as increasing pressure on refineries to minimize costs, safety risks, downtime, and emissions. Accurately representing the reality of various production and refinement analyses requires a multidisciplinary approach and knowledge of current best practices & standards to safely and efficiently develop innovative solutions.

Document Details

AuthorSymington. I
AudiencesAnalyst Manager
Date 1st April 2016


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