SLM-Topo - A Topology Optimization Method for Additive Manufacturing of Lightweight Design Structures Using Selective Laser Melting Process

This presentation was made at the NAFEMS Nordic Seminar "Exploring the Design Freedom of Additive Manufacturing through Simulation" held in December 2018 in Helsinki, Finland.

Additive manufacturing (AM), also called 3D printing, enables the manufacture of complex and intricate geometries without many of the constraints imposed by traditional manufacturing techniques. As this technology advances and the costs of 3D printed parts continue to fall, AM will become a more prevalent and viable engineering and business solution.

In order to take full advantage of these technologies, new approaches to simulation and design need to be implemented in order to facilitate innovative and cost-effective solutions.

This seminar aimed to give delegates a comprehensive overview of the current state of AM, along with the challenges, risks, and opportunities - both for simulation engineers and for use within industry.

Document Details

AuthorsAlbers. A Holoch. J Dietrich. S Spadinger. M
Date 11th December 2018
OrganisationInstitute of Product Engineering


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