The Complex Interaction between Body Flexibility and Vehicle Handling Performance

Presentation made by G. Garciaat the NAFEMS Spain Seminar "Verification & Validation - Building Confidence in Simulation for Engineering Design" that was held in Madrid, Spain on the 18th of February 2016.

Seminar Description

It is becoming increasingly important these days that engineering simulation used for design answers the question: how do we know that the results are reasonably correct?

The important quality assurance tools used to answer this are the processes of verification and validation and these need to be applied to the conceptual, mathematical and computational models used in engineering simulation. In simple terms verification is the demonstration that the mathematics is correct and validation is the demonstration that the model used is an accurate representation of the real world application.

Document Details

AuthorGarcia. G
Date 18th February 2016
OrganisationSiemens Industry Software


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