La Simulation Des Systemes De Guidage Automatique Et Le Developpement D'applications Intelligentes Temps Reel Pour Des Equipements Multi-Capteurs

Presentation made by P. Delmas at the NAFEMS France Seminar "Simulation Systems" that was held in Paris, France on the 3rd of June 2015.

Seminar Description

The simulation of systems is essential for the design of so-called "intelligent" (connected and hybrid cars, wind turbines, had more power, smart grids, etc). These examples of complex products include many connected and controlled subsystems that interact dynamically with each other and the environment. The overall performance is dependent on the performance of each component.

The methods can be classified into several categories with nodal approaches near finished or equational evaluation elements with equations that govern the behavior of components and subsystems. There are various ways to reorganize the equations causal approaches or a-causal with the contribution of symbolic languages ??like Modelica and VHDL-AMS.

Document Details

AuthorDelmas. P
Date 3rd June 2015


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