An Introduction to the Dynamics of Joints

Structures are built-up from components connected by joints. For a structure with a vibration duty there are many uncertainties:
- Can static joint design be used for dynamic design?
- What is the dynamic stiffness of a joint?
- How much damping is provided by a joint?
- How do you model the dynamics of joints in simulation codes?
- Can joints be designed to assist structural dynamic?
- How repeatable and predictable is the behaviour of a joint?
- Can joints be simplified to reduce weight and complexity?

Research into these issues has received growing attention and some answers are now available. This workshop introduced the problems, the current knowledge, some approaches and some solutions. Helping to reduce modelling uncertainty by gaining the current knowledge.

Document Details

AuthorEwins. D
Date 29th March 2017
OrganisationImperial College London


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