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Chaining between Virtual Manufacturing and Virtual Prototyping Numerical Solution

In most cases the results from numerical simulation of classical mechanic solution as static, dynamic, impact or limit state assessment as fatigue are not corresponding with reality. The differences at results are done in most cases as influence of material degradation during manufacturing processes as casting, forging, stamping and mainly welding. ESI GROUP is leading innovator in Virtual Manufacturing and Virtual prototyping chaining and offers chaining solution on one model it means that almost all numerical simulations can be done by using one computational model. The main aim of presentation is demonstrating possibility of chaining numerical simulation. There will be shown industrial numerical simulation chaining between stamping and welding and impact solution, also between spot welding and rupture solution and also between welding and external loading and fatigue analyses from transportation industrial sector. The all methodologies have been validated based on real experiments and by using measured and validated material properties, small mock-ups experiment and also on real industrial cases.

Document Details

AuthorSlováček. M
Date 25th March 2019
OrganisationMecas ESI s.r.o
RegionEastern Europe


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