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Challenges In Robust Design Of Composite Architectured Materials

Presentation made by N. Swiergiel and C. Petiot at the NAFEMS France Seminar "Modelling and Simulation of Materials" that was held in Paris, France on the 19th of November 2015.

Seminar Description

The choice of materials plays an increasingly critical in the product development process in many sectors of industry. Beyond the nominal intrinsic properties, we must now take into account changes over time as the resistance to ageing, or the impact of raw material for obtaining process (composite) and parts manufacturing process, and beyond compliance with standards and regulations.

Computer simulation has become a key tool for experts who design new materials (metal alloys, porous, composite materials, hybrid materials, etc .), For engineers which must optimise products for example by reducing their weight and for conceptiondes tools and optimization of manufacturing processes or recycling.

Document Details

AuthorsSwiergiel. N Petiot. C
Date 19th November 2015


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