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Cloud ready Apps for CAE/CFD Applications

Construction and simulation - how can the harmonious interplay of an optimal development process by CAD developers and simulation experts in the company be achieved? In order to shorten development times, the results of simulation calculations must be available in early development phases, ie already in the design phase.

Approaches have existed for a long time, but have so far rarely been used. Either the complexity of the software was too great, the numerical experience of the users (CAD designers) was not sufficient, the acceptance of the software was too low or there was a lack of trust in the generated simulation results.

This changes with the increasingly improved integration of calculation methods, the development of interfaces between CAD and CFD, the direct linking of the CFD to the CAD geometry and the easier usability of tools for flow calculation (CFD tools). Being able to carry out simple but also more complex flow calculations and optimizations directly from the design environment can enormously expand the design options in advance.

How can you bring together the competencies of simulation experts who are responsible for the calculations and designers who know what changes to the product are possible in detail? Can design-related simulation and optimization processes help to reduce product development times and increase product quality in order to obtain a decisive competitive advantage?

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AuthorsGeller. S Papper. J
Date 12th November 2019
OrganisationICON Technology & Process Consulting


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