Come un Apertura del Pacchetto è Simulata a TETRA PAK®

The increase of virtual engineer and multi-physics simulation tools has been huge in the last ten years in companies developing consumer goods. In addition to technologies like 3D additive manufacturing, the engineer world is near to completely develop a product leveraging CAD and CAE systems and immediately print a prototype from a computer file. The consequence of this will be a strong reduction in physical testing and design loops due to missing performance of the product. The final consumer of a product is not aware about the quantity of computer simulations are needed to develop objects which he uses on the daily life and which can appear simple and trivial. In packaging industrial sector, for example, advanced modelling studies are necessary to fulfil the requirement of food safety and functionality. A simple component like a package opening is developed by leveraging computational fluid dynamic and structural analysis at Tetra Pak and some samples of the simulation methods will be presented with the current document.

Document Details

AuthorApparuti. D
Date 11th October 2018
OrganisationTetra Pak Packaging Solutions S.p.A


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