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Altair SimSolid 2022.3 - Verification Problems

Altair SimSolid 2022.3 - Verification Problems

One of the earliest goals of NAFEMS was to develop a set of 'Benchmarks' against which analysis codes could be tested. Today many major vendors routinely use these benchmarks to demonstrate the accuracy of their code.

This verification manual has been provided by Altair Engineering and show the NAFEMS benchmarks which are used as part of the software code quality assurance process. The manual is associated with the SimSolid 2022.3 code.



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Static Analysis
SS-V: 1000 Straight Cantilever Beam
SS-V: 1010 Twisted Cantilever Beam
SS-V: 1020 Curved Beam
SS-V: 1030 Simply Supported Thin Plate
SS-V: 1040 Clamped Thin Plate
SS-V: 1050 Tapered Solid Bar
SS-V: 1060 Cantilever Plate
SS-V: 1070 Plate with a Hole
SS-V: 1080 Scordelis-Lo Roof
SS-V: 1090 Stepped Shaft with Fillet
SS-V: 1100 Raasch Challenge
SS-V: 1110 Notched Plate
SS-V: 1120 Simply Supported Beam with Mid-span Load
SS-V: 1130 Skew Plate Under Pressure
SS-V: 1140 Stress Concentration of Filleted Bar
SS-V: 1150 Buckling
SS-V: 1160 Stress Concentration in a Groove Shaft
SS-V: 1170 Stress Concentration of a Plate with Eccentric Hole
SS-V: 1180 Stress Concentration in a Filleted Notch
SS-V: 1190 Stress Concentration of a Plate with Semi-circular Holes
SS-V: 1200 Tangential Edge Stress in an Elliptic Membrane
SS-V: 1210 Tangential Stress for a Cylindrical Shell
SS-V: 1220 Displacements in Hemispherical Shell

Modal Analysis
SS-V: 2000 Free Vibration of a Wedge
SS-V: 2010 In-plane Vibration of a Cantilever Plate
SS-V: 2020 Cylindrical Shell
SS-V: 2030 Free Thin Square Plate
SS-V: 2040 Thick Skewed Plate
SS-V: 2050 Thick Square Plate
SS-V: 2060 In-plane Vibration of Pin-ended Cross
SS-V: 2070 Cantilever Beam
SS-V: 2080 Circular Ring - In-plane and Out-of-plane Vibration
SS-V: 2090 Triangular Wing - Fixed Vibration
SS-V: 2100 Cantilevered Tapered Beam
SS-V: 2110 Cantilever with Off-Center Remote Mass

Thermal Analysis
SS-V: 3000 Cooling fin
SS-V: 3010 Insulated Wall
SS-V: 3020 Cylinder with Prescribed Heat Flux
SS-V: 3030 Heat Generating Plate
SS-V: 3040 Heat Generating Wire
SS-V: 3050 Table Frame
SS-V: 3060 Thermal

Thermal Loading
SS-V: 4000 Thermally Loaded Support Structure
SS-V: 4010 Bimetallic Cantilever Beam
SS-V: 4020 Coupled Thermal-Structural Analysis - Constrained Straight Bar Under Uniform Temperature
SS-V: 4030 Coupled Thermal-Structural Analysis - Constrained Straight Bar Under Linear Temperature Field

SS-V: 5000 Coupled Analysis - Bimetallic Beam Under Thermal Load
SS-V: 5010 Z-Shaped Cantilever
SS-V: 5020 Lateral Buckling of a Right Angle Frame
SS-V: 5030 Reactions at the Ends of Axially Loaded Plastic Bar
SS-V: 5040 Residual Deformations in an Axially Loaded Plastic Bar
SS-V: 5060 Separate Beams
SS-V: 5070 Pinched Hemispherical Shell
SS-V: 5080 Rigid Punch Plasticity
SS-V: 5090 Bushing Stiffness

SS-V: 6000 Simply Supported Thin Square Plate - Harmonic Forced Vibration Response
SS-V: 6010 Simply Supported Thin Square Plate - Periodic Forced Vibration Response
SS-V: 6020 Simply Supported Thin Square Plate - Transient Forced Vibration Response
SS-V: 6030 Simply Supported Thin Square Plate - Frequency Response
SS-V: 6040 Simply Supported Thin Square Plate - Random Forced Vibration Response

SS-V: 7000 SN Uniaxial Fatigue



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AuthorAltair Engineering
Date 2nd May 2023
OrganisationAltair Engineering


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