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NAFEMS Technical Group Update

NAFEMS, the International Community for the Engineering Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Community is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the effective use of engineering simulation methods. Established in 1983, NAFEMS seeks to facilitate the development of simulation techniques and create best practices for their implementation.

To achieve its goals, NAFEMS has formed several Technical Working Groups (TWGs) that focus on specific areas of engineering simulation. The technical working groups of NAFEMS are specialized committees that coordinate the organization's activities from a technical standpoint. They consist predominantly of NAFEMS members from various backgrounds, including academia, engineering, and software vendors. These groups identify topics that need new educational materials for the analysis community, based on surveys and their members' expertise.

Some groups form focus teams to develop detailed guidance for specific areas within their technical domain. The groups are multi-national, and they use virtual conferencing facilities for their meetings. Working groups play a crucial role in developing guidelines and best practices that offer practical guidance on various aspects of engineering simulation. This guidance covers topics such as selecting suitable methods, using software tools, and interpreting results. All publications produced by NAFEMS are reviewed and endorsed by a technical working group to ensure quality and relevance.

Education and training are essential components of the TWGs' mission. They contribute to the development of educational materials, training courses, and certification programs to ensure engineers have the necessary skills to use engineering simulation effectively.

In addition to creating guidelines and developing training, the TWGs are instrumental in organizing workshops and webinars where members can learn about the latest developments in engineering simulation, discuss challenges, and share experiences. These events help foster a sense of community and knowledge-sharing within the industry. The TWGs encourage collaboration between industry, academia, and software vendors by facilitating the exchange of ideas and promoting the development of new simulation techniques. This collaborative approach is vital for keeping the industry on the cutting edge.

As an extension of our Technical Working Groups, the NAFEMS Technical Communities are designed to connect individuals with shared interests in specific areas of analysis and simulation. These communities serve as a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange among members.

By focusing on these different aspects, the TWGs play an integral role in advancing knowledge and improving simulation practices across the engineering community, making them a vital part of NAFEMS' overall mission.

This update aims to review and summarise the activities of the NAFEMS Technical Working Groups. The sections highlighted with grey colour offer a preview from one of their recent projects.


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Date 15th May 2023


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