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Introducing Realism in Multibody Dynamics: When MBD and FE Converge.

MultiBody Dynamics is now used as a major design and analysis tool in industry. Over the past few years, there has been a drive to introduce increased levels of realism in these simulations. But that means we need to introduce more flexibility in these models, as whilst linear flexible components have long been part of MB technology, nonlinear effects have been more complicated to integrate due to the nature of the solvers and software.

In this exclusive webinar, Dr Patrick Morelle, chair of the NAFEMS MBD Working Group, will look at how we can introduce this realism into Multibody Dynamics, and how the convergence of multibody simulation and FEA can provide the best of both worlds for the end user.

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AuthorMorelle. P
Date 27th April 2020


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