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Modal Analysis in Virtual Prototyping and Product Validation

Designing products experiencing dynamic loads is a challenge faced by practicing engineers in a wide spectrum of industries. This ranges from appliances through large wind turbines to offshore oil rigs. It is important to design systems deterministically. At the same time, product needs to get to market on time with quality and reliability and within target product costs.

This webinar focuses on the optimal use of simulation and experimentation in modal analysis. Modal analysis is a system identification method that can be used to determine the natural frequencies, damping and mode shapes of a physical system, be it a gas turbine, wind turbine, automotive wheel, bridge, offshore structures. Modal Analysis can be performed on a virtual prototype and physical prototype. The tools and methods of modal analysis vary depending on whether it is done on a virtual or physical prototype.

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Date 19th March 2009
OrganisationTechPassion Technologies


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