Engineering of the Additive Process for Metallic Materials: From Topological Optimization to Metrological Verification

CAE is a well-established technology within the industry, with finite element analysis and computational dynamic fluid, integral parts of the engineering processes of companies in a wide range of industrial sectors.

Engineering simulation continues to gain more and more attention in the industry, the technology itself is rapidly evolving. New techniques are being developed. The search for more efficient technologies and innovative solutions has led to the emergence of new numerical approaches. At the same time, software developers are purchasing new companies to make new technology available in commercial packages at an unprecedented rate.

This webinar is part of a mini series organized by NAFEMS aims to focus on the features that are becoming increasingly available, analysing the purpose they are able to fulfill, and exploring the level of employment in the industry at the moment and in future.

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AuthorFaraboschi. A
Date 11th June 2020
OrganisationMSC Software


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