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An Introduction to Simulation Process & Data Management

Simulation Process & Data Management (SPDM) is a technology deployed by high performance industrial organisations since the year 2000 to build and maintain the Digital Thread of the data used, and the decisions taken, to predict the performance and lifetime of engineered products. The records in an SDM solution enable these companies to rapidly stand up a functional Digital Twin of an actual product to support manufacturing or operations. These organisations use SDM to assure the quality of simulations, provide traceability of results and increase engineering throughput.

Despite the successes achieved with SPDM, the adoption of information systems to manage simulation data by simulation engineers is still very low at 1%-2%.

This webinar will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of Simulation Data Management for practitioners and managers. It will serve as an introduction to those new to the technology of SPDM. It will also summarise the state of the art based on the proceedings of the NAFEMS European SPDM conference of December 2018. It will provide a foundation for delegates intending to attend the upcoming NAFEMS International SPDM conference and World Congress.

Document Details

AuthorNorris. M
AudiencesManager Analyst
Date 16th May 2019


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