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Introducing PSE within ASML: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward

The webinar recording can be access here

The demand for FEA is increasing every year. This can be observed in various industries, including the business ASML operates in (lithography machines for the semiconductor industry) today. While FEA specialists at ASML have tried to keep up with the demand, it became clear that these individuals would be stressed beyond their limits unless something changed. One of the initiatives started in 2013 by ASML was to investigate if it would be feasible to allow Design Engineers, which far outnumber FEA specialists, to perform FEA on their own designs. The challenge there would be to find a way to make them “FEA competent”, with solutions considered ranging from: training, coaching, and internal assessments of the engineers.

Coincidentally, in 2013, NAFEMS launched the Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE) Program at the 2013 NAFEMS World Congress (NWC13). While attending the congress, ASML felt that the PSE program could be used as a foundation for the internal assessment of ASML’s engineers. As a result of the numerous discussions had between ASML and NAFEMS, a training and assessment procedure was tailored to meet the exact needs of ASML.

Today, NAFEMS provides both FEA class training at ASML, as well as handling all PSE assessments. The presentation will show which hurdles had to be overcome, and the lessons learned along the way.

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AuthorHuizinga. F
Date 31st October 2017


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