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Update on UMC4ES (Unified Model Characteristics for Engineering Simulation)

Update on UMC4ES (Unified Model Characteristics for Engineering Simulation)

There is a rapidly growing need for a better understanding of model characteristics related to Engineering Simulation Models. Multiple initiatives propose Engineering Simulation metadata (ES Metadata) structures, each taking a different approach to defining a pragmatic metadata structure based on its perspective and goals.

Unified Model Characteristics for Engineering Simulation (UMC4ES) is an attempt to define a comprehensive set of model characteristics (metadata) of interest for the complete range of Engineering Simulation Models that can be used across all applications. The objective of UMC4ES is to provide a comprehensive definition of the metadata required to describe the characteristics of all types of Engineering Simulation Models. It is intended for this characterization to describe and link the characteristics of the model and its intended use over its entire lifecycle for all relevant stakeholders to support processes, activities, business purposes, and higher-level models.

In this webinar, we will review UMC4ES Draft 4.0, which NAFEMS is considering as the basis for a standard on Engineering Simulation Metadata.

A​bout the presenter

Joe Walsh founded intrinSIM in late 2009 to enable rapid next-generation application development for engineering software, and he also co-founded the ASSESS Initiative in mid-2016 to significantly increase the usage and benefit of Engineering Simulation. Joe brings over 40 years of experience, expertise, relationships, and collaborations in the CAE, CAD, interoperability, and component software industries. Before founding intrinSIM, He was the VP of Business Development for Simmetrix, where he was responsible for sales, marketing, and business relationships. Before joining Simmetrix, he was VP of Worldwide Sales for IronCAD LLC, VP of North American Sales for DS/Spatial and Spatial Corp., Partner and Founder of New Renaissance, President/CEO and co-founder of FEGS Inc. the North American subsidiary of FEGS, Ltd. of Cambridge UK, President/CEO of PAFEC Inc. the North American subsidiary of PAFEC Ltd. of Nottingham UK, Director of Engineering Applications for Clevenger Corporation and Mr. Walsh has almost ten years experience in engineering analysis positions specializing in CAD/CAE integration, CAE automation, and design optimization. Joe Walsh holds an Architectural Engineering degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Document Details

AuthorWalsh. J
AudiencesAnalyst Manager
Date 19th October 2023
OrganisationASSESS Initiative


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