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An Introduction to Multiphase Flow Modelling in CFD

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Multiphase flows are found everywhere, in nature and in industry.  While earlier CFD software dealt mainly with single phase flow, advanced models have now been incorporated in many codes which make it possible to successfully simulate configurations involving more than one phase, whether for analysis or to design new industrial equipment.  However, these simulations, like the physics of multiphase flow itself, remain often complex and it is important to be aware of the concepts which underpin the models and their applications.  

This webinar has been designed to provide a general introduction to these concepts.  As such, it focuses on the physics of the flow and the broad modelling approaches, away from the details of implementation which would be code-specific.  As a result of this introduction, attendees should gain a broad understanding of the topic, which will help them to further explore multiphase flow CFD activities.

Document Details

AuthorTonello. N
Date 5th September 2017


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