The Impact of Uncertainty Quantification in Optimization: Towards Robust Design Optimization

The presentation "The impact of Uncertainty Quantification in Optimization: Towards Robust Design Optimization" describes the role of Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) and Robust Design Optimization (RDO) in engineering practice. The challenges in building an industry-ready tool chain for UQ and RDO will be described and it will be shown how the problem was addressed by the authors. The presentation includes applications of simultaneous operational and geometrical, as well as manufacturing, uncertainties in turbo-machinery design. Robust design optimizations are compared with deterministic design optimizations on several industrial examples, from turbo-machinery to marine applications, highlighting the importance of robust formulation of the optimization problem. In particular, it will be shown that the designs resulting from deterministic and robust design optimization can vary significantly and that robust design optimization leads indeed to more robust designs in terms of performance variability.

Document Details

AuthorsHirsch. C Wunsch. D
Date 4th September 2017
OrganisationNUMECA International


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