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La simulazione strutturale fra mito e realtà - Casi applicativi FEA nella progettazione di ogni giorno

In our first of our "Coffee and Simulation" webinar series we will start from the basics and best practices in structural simulation using the finite element method (FEM).

Four simulation experts will gather in our digital living room to talk about FEM trying to answer three key questions:

  • what is ... Structural Simulation
  • why ... simulate
  • how and when ... resort to simulation

Who are our experts?

  • Luciano Maestrelli, freelance, consultant FEM analyst;
  • Matteo Vettori, freelance, entrepreneur and innovator;
  • Paolo Monti, engineer with over 30 years of experience in CAE applications in the company;
  • Riccardo Testi, nuclear engineer among the pioneers in CAE and FEM applications in the automotive sector

Document Details

AuthorsMaestrelli. L Monti. P Vettori. M Testi. R Romano. G
Date 28th September 2021


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