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Addressing Professional Development in the Simulation Industry


The webinar recording can be viewed by clicking this link. A password is not required to view this webinar.  

In today’s extremely competitive market place, organizations are constantly exploring ways they can achieve a competitive edge. In recent years, there has undoubtedly been an increasing focus towards education and training to ensure that engineers are at their technical best. 

In response to the community's emerging requirement for an independent verification of workplace excellent, NAFEMS worked with numerous industry leaders to develop the Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE) competency tracker and certification program.  

The PSE Competency Tracker is an online system for tracking and measuring Professional Simulation Engineer Competencies. The PSE Competency Tracker allows users to browse the PSE Competencies online and amend their competency record throughout their career. Companies can use the PSE Competency Tracker to track and manage the competencies of their individual staff and pooled workforce.

PSE Certification allows engineers and analysts within the international simulation community to demonstrate competencies acquired throughout their professional career. Independently assessed by NAFEMS, the international association of the engineering analysis, modelling and simulation community, the certification enables individuals to gain recognition for their level of competency and experience as well as enabling industry to identify suitable and qualified personnel.

The Certification incorporates an extensive range of competencies across various analysis types. It is multi-level, supporting the philosophy of lifelong learning and Continuous Professional Development. 

This webinar aims to provide attendees with an overview of NAFEMS PSE, and explore how companies today are successfully leveraging its robust framework for internal assessments. 


Welcome & Introduction

Addressing Professional Development with Professional Simulation Engineering 

  • Mr. Ian Symington, NAFEMS Technical Officer

Q & A Session

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Date 30th April 2015


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