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Democratization: Usability

The webinar recording can be viewed by clicking this link. The password can be obtained via the member download button. 

Forward thinking companies have embraced targeted, solution-focused “simulation apps” to gain measurable improvements in innovation, development time, and related product quality. Leveraging this approach has allowed companies to work with dispersed departments, suppliers, and partners, all while maintaining control and consistency, enforcing standards, and ensuring the validity of analysis results. 

CAE experts at these companies are rapidly embedding their expertise in simulation apps and validating them. The results are easy-to-use, solution-focused apps, which allow junior engineers and others in product teams who are not experts in the underlying simulation tools to safely and robustly run sophisticated simulations.
While the experts continue to use and require powerful, general-purpose simulation tools, others in the organization are now able to leverage this expertise inside of simulation apps, which helps to address simulation bottlenecks during the design process.

Three three main pillars that anchor all useful, usable and economically-feasible simulation apps are: 
1. Knowledge Capture & Reuse
2. Usability
3. Accessibility

Expert Knowledge Capture & Reuse

For non-experts to be able to run sophisticated simulations, it is critical that simulation apps be highly-usable; speaking the language of the user and not the simulation expert. While there has been significant progress in making general-purpose simulation tools easier to use, they are, almost by definition, mostly used only by the experts. Meanwhile, "non-experts" continue to find that they are seldom able to use these tools safely, and must defer to the experts. 

In this webinar, through a presentation by Chad Jackson and two end-user case study presentations, we will explore this topic further, demonstrating practical examples of simulation apps at work, and the ROI that the companies have experienced.

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AuthorsJackson. C Eckblad. M
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Date 1st October 2015
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