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What is Simulation Data Management

Simulation is key to digital product development, manufacturing, and lifecycle management. “Simulation” also known as “Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)” or“Analysis” is the use of computer tools, which are based on fundamental physical laws,to evaluate aspects of product performance.

Companies everywhere want to take advantage of simulations in order to develop better products faster and cheaper. They want to extend simulations early, during product concept and architecture development, and they want to replace physical testing for product validation as much as possible. However, they struggle to manage their simulation data, which is increasing in size and complexity by orders of magnitude as more numerous and more detailed simulations are performed.

The effective management of simulation data and process information is increasingly important as simulation becomes a core business practice and organizations rely on simulation results as the basis for business decisions. “Simulation Data Management (SDM)” is a technology which uses database solutions to enable users to manage structures of simulation and process data across the complete product lifecycle. SDM artifacts can be data, models,processes, documents and metadata relevant to modeling, simulation, and analysis.

Document Details

AuthorSimulation Data Management Working Group
AudiencesAnalyst Manager
Date 16th May 2014


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