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Communications Policy

External Communications Policy


This policy applies to NAFEMS and all of its subsidiaries. Questions or concerns about this policy or its application in any particular situation should be directed to the Chief Executive.

NAFEMS is an Engineering Association operating as a not-for-profit international organisation. This policy sets out our approach to communication with the outside world, both orally and in writing, with the objective of encouraging effective and transparent communication by staff and volunteers.


The following principles underline our approach to external communications:

  • All communication is important and needs to be considered carefully.
  • We will strive to be as transparent as possible in the way that we communicate.
  • At the discretion of the chairman of an individual committee (Working Group or Regional Steering Committee) that committee, having reached a consensus on a particular matter, may choose to issue a statement expressing the opinion of that committee. An appropriate NAFEMS staff member should be made aware of such statements prior to their release. Any request made by that staff member to modify or withhold the statement should be acted upon accordingly.
  • NAFEMS will rarely choose to express a single corporate view on specific issues.
  • All views and opinions expressed by staff or volunteers involved with the NAFEMS organisation must be considered as the personal views of the individual concerned.
  • Individuals are encouraged to quote their affiliation with NAFEMS when communicating externally, provided that a suitable disclaimer is included. The basic content of the disclaimer should be as follows, with edits to fit the specific situation: “This was prepared by [insert author's name] in his/her personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this [explain activity] are the author's own and do not reflect the view of NAFEMS.”


All staff and volunteers communicating externally will ensure that they are up to date with current activities and issues, and respect the values of the organisation.

All staff have a responsibility for maintaining good communications and for suggesting improvements.

The Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for reviewing and authorising press releases on behalf of the organisation.

Date of Approval

This External Communications Policy was approved by the Council of Management on 11 September 2015