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AUTOSIM was a Coordination Action project which received EU funding for three years, starting in September 2005. 

Coordinated by NAFEMS , the project consortium contained 32 companies from across Europe each of whom had a significant interest in the use of simulation within the automotive industry. They include OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, consultants, researchers and software developers.

The project was a successor to the FENet project , focusing on the specific area of one industry sector : the automotive sector.

The activities of the project were focused on three technology areas:

  • Integration of Simulation in to the Produce Development Process
  • Materials Characterisation
  • Improving Confidence in the Use of Simulation


Summary Reports


A webinar was held to report the project findings.


A consultation document was produced, which summarised the views of the consortium members. The contents of this document were explained during the webinar which was attended by 271 representatives of the automotive industry from around the world. Participants in this webinar, and others, were then encouraged to read the consultation document and complete an on-line survey in order to collect their feedback.

285 people completed the questionnaire.